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  • Participant ecoMetals initiative

    ASK Chemicals GmbH

    Hilden, Germany
    ASK Chemicals Group is a global supplier of high-performance industrial resins and materials. The Foundry division, which is one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of foundry
    ASK Chemicals GmbH
  • ExOne GmbH

    Gersthofen, Germany
    Around the world, ExOne sand 3D printers deliver valuable, modern technology that is transforming the centuries-old method of sandcasting. By eliminating the time and cost of traditional hard tooling
    ExOne GmbH
  • LANIK s.r.o.

    Boskovice, Czechia
    Our company, developing business since 1991, is the purely Czech private company. The core activity is represented by manufacture and sale of ceramic foam filters, used under the trade name VUKOPOR®
    LANIK s.r.o.
  • R. Scheuchl GmbH

    Ortenburg, Germany
    Casting Efficiency and flexibility are top priorities for Scheuchl casting systems. Thanks to automated ladle and gripper changing, several castings, even different ones, can be efficiently poured
    R. Scheuchl GmbH
  • Zalewa Tec GbR

    Großschirma, Germany
    Developing a product is something special. Every detail must be carefully planned and considered. The realization of finished products without geometric constraints is not for everyone. In such a